I'm using Google's Backup and Sync tool to automatically save photos from my hard drive onto the cloud. The problem is that I want my photos to go into Google Photos but NOT into Google Drive. In Google Drive they consume my storage quota, and I only want specifically designated documents to be synchronized there.

Is there any way to do this? Even manually deleting the photos from Drive doesn't help because afterwards they are either deleted from my local drive or re-synchronized.

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Currently, the only way to upload photos to Google Photos and not into Drive, is to use the Google Photos website. On the top right, you can click "upload", then "Computer".

I have not encountered problems when uploading hundreds of photos at a time this way. I agree that it doesn't feel robust for many gigabytes, although most people have fast internet connections. Google should develop a program (like Backup and Sync) that can handle bulk uploads in a robust manner.

Remember to (in Backup and Sync) un-select the folders on your computer that contain your photos, if you don't want to sync them with Drive.

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