I removed some files from my One Drive account yesterday; bringing the amount of Used One Drive storage space down to 80% full; emptied One Drive recycle bin. I log onto my computer this afternoon; and One Drive says "Your OneDrive is 91% full You only have 433 MB of available space".

(Note: my iphone's pictures and videos are not synced with one drive, nor have I added any videos or new files that would result in that large of a jump in storage space).

I went online and tried to see if there were any new large files via the 'Largest files in your one drive' window, but there's nothing new; and the culprit isn't the files I deleted yesterday, otherwise they would have shown up on the 'Largest files in your one drive' window.

I've been removing more files that would defiantly take up space from One Drive, emptying the Recycle Bin's on both my computer and one drive live, but the number still Remains at 91%. Understandably, I'm terrified at what will happen if I try the old adage of "Did you try to turn it off, and back on again?" for my computer. Any ideas as to how I can lower the One Drive used-storage number?

  • Welcome. As a precaution, you could probably try downloading/backing-up everything to an external drive till you get it all sorted out. – marikamitsos Oct 6 '19 at 1:05

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