Is there a way to get a live preview image (an image, similar to the content of the document that updates without manual intervention) of a Google Sheet (or other apps in the Google suite) to link to from another site?

My specific use case is that I have a Google Sheet that I'd like to include a preview of in a Markdown document on GitHub. My first thought was to use something like <iframe src="sharing URL of the document">, but GitHub renders that as the source code, not as the Google Sheet in an iframe. I could use a screen capture of the Sheet, but I'd like to have an image that "updated itself" when the document changes. The update need not be realtime, once a day or so would be just fine.

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Iframes are not allowed in GitHub

As stated on the GitHub site here and here, iframes are not allowed in GitHub

There may be a workaround though through Zap (may be because I haven't tried it myself).

enter image description here

Once you create your Zap account you get to see quite a few triggers.


Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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What exactly do you mean by "a live preview image"?
On most sites you can usually have either an iframe or an embedded image or a link to it. But it all depends on the site and not the source of the image (unless hot linking is disabled).
In any case you can get the shareable link like this of a google file by:

- Right-clicking on the file


- or clicking on either of the options given on the top right corner of the folder

share a Google file

Unless of cource we are talking about NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station which actually is a video.

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