I'm trying to find a good tool for teaching someone maths online. Some kind of a online whiteboard that the student can be invited to.

I need to be able to draw graphs and handwrite using my drawing tablet. I also need to be able to type text and formulae.

Something with similar features to the Windows application iDroo would be great!

What online tool would be most suitable?


This seems to be pretty much perfect: http://www.twiddla.com/

It even has support for LaTeX!

http://www.skrbl.com/ seems pretty good too as a slightly more basic alternative.

Also, here's quite a good list of interactive whiteboard related links, many of them whiteboard webapps: http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/intwhiteb/


An alternative in case you can't find anything what you're looking for -- Ustream your whiteboard or tablet.

  • You could use Yahoo! Doodle.
  • Check out Khan Academy as well, Sal has made hundreds of great videos and just recently improved the feedback/statistical system for the online exercises.

For Math and Science tutoring http://tutorsbox.com seems like a great tool.

  • Function Grapher
  • Equation Editor with LaTeX support
  • Wolfram Alpha search engine integration

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