I am trying to get the average value of a column (column C "Profit Margin" in the screenshot) in Google Sheets. For some reason, I get a #DIV/0 error when trying to use any sort of range functions like SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, etc on this column:

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I feel like it is related to the fact that column C was generated using ARRAYFORMULA, but I'm not sure...

Here is a link to a copy of the spreadsheet if you want to look at the data: BuyBack Example Spreadsheet

  • UPDATE: Sorry, the sharing permissions weren't correctly set on the link I shared. The document should be publicly accessible now.
    – Jesse T.
    Oct 9, 2019 at 22:58
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(In your example spreadsheet you have no formulas)

Most likely your formula calculated results are given in TEXT format, so AVERAGE -which needs numbers to make calculations- can NOT give any results and you end up with #DIV/0!.

A quick and easy fix:
To change text cells to number cells, select your range (C2:C) and choose a number format for it by going to the top menu, Format --> Number.

Your other alternative is to use the function VALUE within the Arrayformula so as to get the results formatted as numbers.

EDIT (following OP's sharing the sheet)

Your problem lies on rows 1496-1499.

In your buys sheet, rows 1496-1499, in column M (Price) the value is 0.
This causes your formula =ARRAYFORMULA(1- B2:B3796/A2:A3796) for Profit margin in Sheet1in column Cto give #DIV/0! which in turn gives #DIV/0! in column E (Average margin).

To solve this (as mentioned above):

  1. Change your formula for Average margin to =IFERROR(average(C2:C), "CHECK your buys")
  2. Check your buys

Extra tip: As an additional step, use conditional formatting in your buys sheet, to easily spot the issues.

  • Sorry, I copied from the original document because I can't share it since it has private -customer data in it. The data is not formatted as text. It was formatted as number (I also tried converting it to %) Neither worked. The $ fields are also numeric, not text btw.
    – Jesse T.
    Oct 10, 2019 at 18:15

The problem is in the formulation:

=ARRAYFORMULA(1- IFERROR(B2:B3796/A2:A3796,0))

Add validation in division!

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