Is it possible to pass a URL to a google sheet and have the sheet append a new cell with content taken from a parameter in the URL??

Use case:

In KDE (and other environment as well, perhaps), most applications can invoke parameterized "Web shortcuts" that launch the browser with a custom-built URi. For instance, from with the pdf reader KDE app "Okular," users can select a portion of text and then invoke, for instance, the Google search shortcut to open up a page with the results of the search. The mechanism is simple: users can specify a uri containing the optional parameter /{@} and the browser will launch with the parameter replaced by the current selection.

For instance, the google shortcut is


Common uses are dictionary queries for foreign languages, technical documentation searches, and so on.

I would like to use this mechanism to build a list of terms while reading documents---simply selecting the term or phrase and choosing the appropriate web shortcut would append it to a google sheet.

Anyone knows if it is possible?

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I have done something similar using IFTTT.

  • create a IFTTT web-hook trigger to create your custom URL
  • the IFTTT action linked to that trigger is a 'add row to google sheets spreadsheet', which is off-the-shelf

The web-hook part documentation can be found here and will probably need some tinkering.

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