I'm asking webapps because meta seems to think that it was the right place. Please, see this question and post a different answer if you believe it is not the case.

I like my emails to be written in plain text, so I've chosen the corresponding option in Outlook web interface:

enter image description here

However, emails read from outlook (both web interface and software) take the liberty to strip some new lines. Quoting the documentation:

By default, the Auto Remove Line Breaks feature in Outlook is enabled. This causes the line breaks to be removed. Any two or more successive line breaks are not removed.

So, that, for instance, (and I borrow this example from here:

This is the first line. 
blah blah 

will be rendered as

This is the first line. blah blah blah

This issue is discussed at length in this question, but it is assuming that a template is used.

For "regular" users (that, of course, cannot change the setting in the reader's software) that want to remove this behaviour, one possible solution is to add three spaces before every line.

Of course, that is not very convenient, and, on top of it, will mess the formatting for receivers that use a different software.

Is there a better, non-intrusive and easy to use solution?

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