I have identified by trial and error that this one FILTER function is causing a massive "Calculating Formulas..." delay in my Google Sheet. This is the ONLY cause of the delay I have tested it extensively. MY solution right now is to add a "1" before the equal sign to turn the formula into text so then whenever I need to use the formula to retrieve and save its results I remove the "1" to run it and then put it back and refresh.

Of course this is not a good clean workaround.

Formula is:


I'm looking for potential edits to the formula to reduce this humongous delay. Maybe turn it into a QUERY function?

  • Please share a copy of your spreadsheet, excluding any private or confidential information. – Tedinoz Oct 17 at 0:38

This QUERY version of the same FILTER function 100% solved the issue thanks to @player0

=QUERY(FORMULARIO!A13:Q, "select C where not upper(J) = 'PAGÓ' and B = 10 and C is not null and A > date '"&TEXT(TODAY()-5, "yyyy-mm-dd")&"' and not Q matches '"&TEXTJOIN("|", 1, QUERY(FORMULARIO!J13:Q, "select Q where upper(J) = 'PAGÓ'", 0))&"'", 0)
  • Please explain why... – user55949 Oct 17 at 9:11
  • I dont know why, it simply did,there is something with thtfilter function that doesnt stop calculating formula – sebas Oct 17 at 15:20

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