I've linked a variety of Google Drive folders containing public documents to my organization's website for ease of updating. These are all set to "Public on the web" as seen here: enter image description here

So clearly not restricted to my organization or even someone logged in to a Google account.

However today I received an access request for this same folder:

enter image description here

I'm mostly paranoid that there is still some subset of users out there that this setting restricts from access, I don't want to go forward with this solution if it's going to result in someone not being able to see important information or me having to manually share a folder with strangers periodically.

It may be the case that the person has access and was confused so they sent me the request anyway.

Any advice?

  • They are requesting edit access. – ahorn Oct 18 '19 at 5:11

The person requested edit access. They most likely did not realize that they didn't need this level of access. The process they followed was probably this:

First, they wanted to share the folder, so they went to the sharing settings for the folder:

Share view-only folder

Then, when clicking on "Share", they would have been presented with this dialogue box, and filled out the e-mail address that requested access:

Request access dialogue box

Your question is similar to one which asked the reverse: how to request edit access, given view access.

  • This looks right, thanks for the response! Good to know at least someone wasn't being restricted from seeing it. – prodigis101 Nov 13 '19 at 13:59

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