I have a list of Japanese words. I want to produce a formula to filter that list, based on a filter list of substrings (kanji characters) which I'm looking for.

So for example, say my filter list contains three characters, 水 and 木 and 日. I want to find every word in my list which contains 水 or 木 or 日. That's an inclusive or - any words which contain more than one of the characters on the filter list (such as 木曜日 or 水曜日) should show up, too.

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So far, my formula works with just one character to filter for:

=QUERY(Sheet1!$A$1:$A$44492, "SELECT A WHERE A LIKE '%"&A2&"%'")

However, I've tried expanding it to a range, and it doesn't work:

=QUERY(Sheet1!$A$1:$A$44492, "SELECT A WHERE A LIKE '%"&A2:A4&"%'")

It only filters words containing the first character, 水.

Is there a way to filter the whole list based on all the items in my list? And to be clear, I want it to be dynamic, so that I can put in as many filter characters as I like to the list, rather than basing it on an exact number of filter characters.

  • Have you tried the query or the updated answer following your comment? Did any work for you? – marikamitsos Oct 25 '19 at 19:03
  • Hi @marikamitsos, I asked this question on stackoverflow separately and received an answer there using a Regex, which solved my follow-up question. Thanks for your help in answering this question as well! – Lou Oct 25 '19 at 19:42
  • It is interesting that you chose the FILTER solution (which needs an additional helper column) over your original QUERY one. Also, regarding the answer in stackoverflow, it is on a diferrent site as well as just a part of the whole formula. Not the answer to it. In any case, glad it all worked well. – marikamitsos Oct 25 '19 at 23:39
  • Hi @marikamitsos, I only needed the part rather than the whole, as the REGEXMATCH solution worked fine for my purposes even with a helper column. Thanks for your assistance, but I'm happy with the answers. – Lou Oct 27 '19 at 16:57

You can use the filter function with REGEXMATCH as a parameter, try this in C1 :


It filter the range B2:B100 based on which result returns the regex

Explanation :
The following formula returns False or True based on the content in the cells B2:B100. The operator | is basically a OR in this regex.

=arrayformula(Regexmatch ( range , "水|木|日" ))

Breakdown : enter image description here

Live demo

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  • Thanks so much for this! I don't suppose you know how I could modify it if I wanted to make words which only contain those characters pop up? And none others? – Lou Oct 18 '19 at 19:39

You can use your original QUERY function.
You just have to change like to matches along with the TEXTJOIN function.
It is matches that allows you to use a regular expression (regex) in the QUERY function.

=QUERY(B14:B,"select B where B matches '.*["& TEXTJOIN(,true,A14:A16) &"].*'")

following OP's comment:
...make words which only contain those characters pop up and none others

You only change the regular expression included in the query:

=QUERY(B14:B,"select B where B matches '^(?:(["&TEXTJOIN(,true,A14:A16)&"]))+$'")
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  • Following your comment. Please check the updated answer. – marikamitsos Oct 18 '19 at 20:45

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