I want to use a Google Sheets formula to correct a multiple choice survey that I built using Squarespace. The results get dumped into Google sheets.

For example, if the respondent selects choice:

  • A. then they would get 0 points
  • B. then they would get 1 point
  • C. then they would get 2 points

I tried to string several Regexmatch statements together such as the below but it won't work for more than one regexmatch at a time:

=if(regexmatch(A2, "A."), 0,) (regexmatch(A2, "B."), 1,) (regexmatch(A2, "C."), 2,)

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You can try =switch :


Result :
enter image description here

Same result with regexmatch :

if(REGEXMATCH(A1:A10,"C"),2,"no match")))

enter image description here

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