There is a few questions regarding inserting and appropriately formatting code in Google Docs (here and here for example). Indeed there is a very useful Google-Docs add-on called Code Blocks which works very well.

However, I would like the option to number the lines of code.

I got the idea from the output seen on this page (scroll down a bit and you 'll see what I mean). I am writing student notes for a beginners class I am teaching and it would be helpful to have similar numbers in the code formatted by Code Blocks within Google Docs.

I searched for a solution (this thread seemed promising, but no real solution).

Does anyone know of a way to have formatted code with numbered lines in Google Docs?

An (easily attainable) output like this would be ideal:

enter image description here


PS - I also searched for a 'reverse' solution, i.e. copy code WITH line numbers. My IDE is Visual Studio 2017 Community edition - and it doesn't seem to provide this option, I have only found extensions which work for Visual Studio Code (an altogether different application). However, it would be better to find a way to 'add' line numbers in google docs - this way one would not be restricted by the IDE/editor. Copying code and pasting in an editor and then re-copying with line numbers would be a choice, but way too cumbersome.

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