I am often on a webpage, and am about to click a link when the page simultaneously adds an element that it had been waiting to asynchronously receive from the server. The element that I was about to click suddenly lurches downward, and I click on an entirely different element that sends me who-knows-where. This happens with an incredible frequency, and the general behavior causes me frustration in other browser-based apps (such as with jupyter notebook).

I realize that since the page may add items anywhere, including in the middle of what I'm currently viewing, it is impossible to ensure a perfectly consistent view given the reality of dynamic websites. However, even when items are added outside of what I'm currently viewing, what I'm currently viewing changes by being forced off-screen. I would like to prevent this behavior by auto-scrolling the page to maintain a persistent viewport location for, e.g., the stuff at the bottom of my current viewport.

In any of the "big" browsers, (firefox, chrome, etc), is it possible to auto-scroll to maintain something like a consistent viewport during dynamic page updates?

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