I recently noticed that when searching using google, I often land on a page with text highlighted. I can see it in Wikipedia, as well as Fandom wiki:

google search for Yoda quote

star wars fandom page on The Force

However, when I link web-address from the second screenshot, I don't receive highlighted effect.

What feature is that? Is there a way I can send link to someone that would also lend them on a page with highlighting?


This is a test by Google.

Around 5% of search results are highlighting text on a website you visit.

Source :

As for sharing what you see (the highlights), it's not possible with a simple link. You need to enable the feature.

Orginal tweet :

Google Search is currently running an origin trial for ~5% of WebAnswers results so it's kind of random whether you get opted into it or not.

You can enable the feature on the client-side though using chrome://flags/#enable-text-fragment-anchor

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