Say I have two lists in Google Keep. Is there a clean way to move an entry from one list to another? If neither list is "opened" I can't even select an entry from either one, and if one list is "opened" the other one is inaccessible, so I'm not sure what to do.

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The fastest way is to open one note, copy all its content, then paste it into the other note.

You could open two browser windows side-by-side with the source note in one and the target in the other to make it easier.


The previous answer is correct:

  1. Open the first note.
  2. Select the desired lines, Copy.
  3. Open the second note.
  4. Select the insertion point, Paste.

As this Google Support thread indicates, dragging between Keep lists is not supported, and Google has no plans to add that feature.

BTW, Google Tasks supports inter-list dragging.

BTW 2, if you need to copy multiple checklist items in Keep, click the dots menu, Hide Checkboxes. Copy as plain text, then revert to Show Checkboxes.

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