I'm trying to create a new Google Voice number and having some issues. So first I go to voice.google.com and select a number to claim. I then put in my home phone (as the linked phone) and have it call with the 6 digit code.
I type in the code to verify and then after it's been verified, it then re-directs me to the main Google Voice page.
However, then a message pops up at the bottom which says "To send messages, choose a Google Voice number - Choose Number". If I click on "Choose Number", then it takes me back to the same screen I was on originally except I get stopped because I can't use the home phone number again since it's already linked.
Then I go back and remove it from the account and try again to claim a number and the same exact thing repeats (i.e. enter the home phone, get the call, enter the 6 digit code, code gets verified, redirected to main Google Voice page but no actual GV number has been chosen)?
Meanwhile, I used twilio.com, and TextFun and 2ndLine and Talkatone apps but I cannot register my personal google voice number Which carrier should I use to register the Google Voice account?
( Of course, I see this link Which carrier should I use for Google Voice?
but my problem I little different with this link )

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