I am creating a budget template and have a formula that multiplies cells. However, not every cell will have a number in it. How do I make it so the formula will ignore blank cells or make them = 1 instead of = 0?

(Example: formula is =B1*B2*B3. In some rows, B3 is empty, in other it has a value. In other rows, B2 is empty, but B1 and B3 have values. How do I create a formula that ignores or counts empty cells as 1 to make the formula work across the board?)

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I think you can use the Ifs statement

=IFS(B1="",1*B2*B3; B2="", B1*1*B3; B3="", B1*B2*1)

I hope this will help


Given you are multiplying another solution would be to replace the empty cells with 1, provided that wouldn't impact in other aspects

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