I'll just give you a brief idea of what I'm trying to do with my limited logic. I'm pretty certain this could be done in a much better way.

This is for my Instagram account and I'm trying to do the following things with the two tabs:

  1. Notify which post I have to be creating using Post Ids in Tab #2 (Hashtags)
  2. Pull hashtags from Tab #2 based on highlighted conditions

I'm having difficulties with step 2. Right now, I use 2 conditional formatting options to highlight cells under column B and the column matched using post ID.

Second conditional formatting is doing good but #1 is manually performed so I'd need some advice on how to automate that bit, please.

Now, the reason why I'm doing conditional formatting in Column B is that I can't figure out how to pull hashtags which comes back to the root problem.

I tried using arrayformula and vlookup on cell Index!B6 but can't figure it out


Here's a version of the sample sheet I'm working on (it has more tabs but this is what I need help with).

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