I want to force my users to use the gmail web interface for everything. I.e. block them from being able to add their accounts to email clients/phones etc, block sending via SMTP server etc.

How would I go about this? I've already disabled IMAP/POP. Anything else I should be looking at doing? TIA.

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There are several settings that you could manage to control how your users access Gmail for your organization

From Tailor Gmail settings for your organization

Learn about each setting

End user access settings

To access these settings from the Admin console home page, go to Apps G Suite > Settings for Gmail > End User Access.

  • POP and IMAP access—Enable or disable POP and IMAP access for users.
  • G Suite​ Sync—Enable G Suite Sync for Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Automatic forwarding—Prevent users from automatically forwarding incoming messages to another address.
  • Image URL proxy whitelist—Create and maintain a whitelist of internal URLs that bypasses proxy protection. Can only be configured at the top-level organization and applies to all organizations.
  • Gmail Offline Chrome plugin —Enable Gmail Offline for users.
  • Allow per-user outbound gateways—Allow users to send mail through an external SMTP server.
  • Unintended external reply warning—Warn users when replying to a message with external recipients not in their contacts.

Besides the above there are other settings that you should check like accessing G Suite data from mobile devices.

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