Display only last 4 character in Google Sheets

Current situation: I have a scanner which will scan customer id. The id number will be in google sheet. However, on scanning I do not want google sheet to extract the whole ID. But just the last 4 character.

This is due to privacy issue.

Eg: Customer id is :y656547i google sheet will only have : ****547i

I know how to use replace formula. but with replace formula i still have the id in google sheet.

  • Welcome. You omit a lot of information. Your scanner will scan <<something>> and the value will be the ID. You haven't explained how the scanner manages the interface to a specific Google Sheet, or what language or data format the interface supports; you believe that "i still have the id in google sheet" but you don't explain the basis for that statement. May I suggest that you read How do I ask a good question?, and then edit your question to provide more information that will enable a reader to better understand your problem. – Tedinoz Nov 3 at 7:23
  • i am sorry. It is just a barcode scanner. – Dee Nov 4 at 0:01
  • OK, Dee. Have you been able to scan something, and have that information inserted into a Google sheet? When you scan a second item, does the information appear in the same cell as the the first item (i.e. does it overwrite it) or does it appear in the cell below? – Tedinoz Nov 4 at 0:34
  • Did you resolve your problem? – Tedinoz yesterday

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