Simply, I would like to have a column of tick boxes/check boxes that can only be ticked if another column has a corresponding true value.

I thought perhaps custom data validation would be the way to go but I cannot find a command for 'If(condition, show tick-box)'. Instead I have:


Which limits anything in the J column to TRUE or FALSE but doesn't give me the nice check box for users to tick/untick and instead leaves them typing TRUE or FALSE which isn't fun.

Specifically, the situation is that I need to know whether a value has been checked and if (and only if) the value has been checked can there be a value recorded. Clearly the initial value (i.e. has this been checked?) is a Boolean but so is the secondary value so both, in this case, are checkboxes. This is important because I need to differentiate between a negative value (i.e. the second Boolean is false) and the case where it simply hasn't been checked yet (the first Boolean is false) and I don't want people to be able to input that the second Boolean is True without the first Boolean also being True as this would make no sense.

  • Welcome. Are you looking for a built-in feature only based solution or are you open to use Google Apps Script? – Rubén Nov 5 at 1:17

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