I think G Suite/Google Group's Collaborative Inbox offers some features that would be great for my organization. But I also think the fact that there is a user portal that is separate from gmail is gonna cause the folks in my organization to not want to use it.

I see lots of collaborative inbox options from apps like Hiver and Gmelius (which I'd prefer to not use due to the recurring subscription costs), but it seems like that level of integration into Gmail should covered by Google. All of my searches seem to indicate that it's not possible to integrate Collaborative Inbox features into Gmail without a 3rd party subscription based application. Seems like a big oversight on Google's part.

Does anyone have any suggestions or insights into how to get G Suite's Collaborative Inbox features to work in Gmail? I can set up the inbox to forward to all the users in the group, but I'd like to be able to see if another user in the group has taken action on a message without having to go to the Google Group dashboard.

Seems like it should be possible and I'm just not asking the right questions.

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