After an update, Slack now formats messages as you type them which is highly disruptive to how I type. How can I disable this feature and only show message formatting after I hit send?

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    I sure did like seeing the Markdown format. This should be an option.
    – ale
    Nov 27 '19 at 14:09

Go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Input Options and enable Format messages with markup.

  • This should be marked as the right answer.
    – Jai Pandya
    Aug 31 '20 at 17:30
  • This also disables formatted text from pasting, which is what I was after.
    – Tiffany
    Apr 27 at 13:03

Slack only recognizes as markdown if you actually type the special character such as ` in Slack. Pasting something with it in it such as: this is only a test will not be formatted as code, since typing the ` is the trigger.

So perhaps open a notepad, type what you want, and then copy/paste it into Slack?

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