We are a very small company and we use Google Drive to backup and share our files, we have a 200 GB plan. We are VAT payers and are not based in Ireland but in the EU, so we should get invoices from Google with no VAT. For that, our "profile type" should be set to "business". Is there a way to set this up? We do not want to use G Suite since we just need the Drive subscription.

I am trying to get this information from Google support but they are hopeless, do not understand my questions and just give me copy-pasted replies.

I am not sure it is legal for them to say that they offer this service only to private individuals.


I suspect you would need to sign up for G-suite, and just not use. There does not appear to be a business option for storage only plans.

  • Yeah, but that is several times more expensive. It is legally murky territory for me - they do not refuse to sell it to us as a company but they refuse to give as an invoice as a company. I wonder if that is legal at all. Or would they close our account if they find out we are paying for the storage with our company card? I hacked the address field so that it includes our ID number so we can claim it as business expense, but it just feels extremely weird, dealing with one of the biggest companies in the world. – sup Nov 12 '19 at 0:04
  • Anyway, I dig a bit into the law and this falls under "freedom of contract". There is no law to make somebody offer certain services to a third party bar various antidiscriminatory law, but we as a company clearly do not fall under anti-discriminatory law, so it is legal for them to refuse us as business clients. Using a personal product is bascially fooling them, but they will probably not find out. – sup Nov 2 '20 at 14:06

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