Google Keep "Labels" are sorted automatically in alphabetical order. How do I sort "Titles"in the same way?


Currently there doesn't seem to be any built-in functionality for sorting, nor do any third-party extensions exist to add notes sorting.

You can make a feature request by sending Google feedback from the keep.google.com web app. Click on the Settings icons, then on Send Feedback, and in the new pop-up describe the notes sorting functionality you'd like to see being implemented.

  • Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I tried what you suggested a few times but all I got was "unable to send your message" or words to that effect. I've noticed with quite a number apps that even when your enquiry does go through they don't (or can't be bothered) to answer ... even if you've paid for it !!!. So now I check this all out before downloading any app. If they don't reply I don't use the app. Best regards. – Fred Black Nov 11 '19 at 11:38

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