Lets assume that I run several Twitter based communities, and for each community I want to set up a series of written blog projects.

I also own a business website, and would like to host the projects as an extension to this domain.

So if I have twitter.com/community_one, I would like to create it's projects on domain.com/extra/projects-one-for-community-one/project-( id ).

So as you can imagine, the extra and projects-for-community-one directories are completely blank, as my visitors simply link to the project-() directly from Twitter.

So if the extra directory is, and always will be a blank holding page, how can I get AdSense to work on anything that is an extension of it?

I don't want to create a new ad for each project, nor do I want to get each project verified, as some only last a few months.

Any ideas how to get this type of site verified, and with no risk of being flagged?

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