I recently worked with a file from a link, now it is indexed in my "Shared with me" folder and is taking up space in my drive folder. It lists itself as a shared drive enter image description here

but I can't delete it enter image description here and if I try to remove my self from the user permissions I can't

enter image description here

So it's stuck in my Google drive "Shared with me" section, taking up storage space on my drive, I don't have permission to remove myself, and I can't get into contact with the owner to have them delete me from the permitted users list.

What do I do?


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The item isn't taking up storage space, as the storage quota comes off the organization that owns the Shared Drive. It is however displayed in Shared with Me, and that is your concern. So, it is more a problem of organization/clutter. Under usual circumstances, one would be able to remove the item from Shared with Me, but that option is disabled. I confirm that I'm able to reproduce the problem.

The best way forward is to leave feedback to the Google Drive developers about how you don't like this problem. You can do that by clicking on the ? icon on the top right of drive.google.com, then clicking "Send feedback". Alternatively, in the mobile app, tap the menu, then tap "Help and feedback", then "Send feedback".

  • That is sad that google doesn't even have a fix to this problem, but oh well. How confident are you that it's not taking up any space on my Gdrive? I only have 1 15mb file in my Gdrive, yet after this being put in my "Shared with me section"I now have 12GB used up by Gdrive which could only be coming from the "shared with me" section. Nov 17, 2019 at 18:25
  • Go to the info for the item — it will say there who the owner is. Items in a Shared Drive are owned by the organization which manages the Shared Drive. Items only take storage space from the owner of the item.
    – ahorn
    Nov 19, 2019 at 8:58
  • It says it's using 0 bytes of storage in my drive, but my storage was at 1% full before, and now it's at 12GB of used space, could it be a bug? Nov 20, 2019 at 22:46
  • On the left where it says "12GB of 15GB used", please click on that. It will take you to drive.google.com/drive/quota , where you can see which items are taking up the most storage in your Drive storage.
    – ahorn
    Nov 21, 2019 at 6:30
  • As I've said, my storage quota is not coming from Gdrive, these are the only things on it, and they don't add up to 12GB. imgur.com/a/irBu78s Nov 26, 2019 at 0:36

You have to drag and drop to the trash bin on the left.


Delete first all the elements in the drive. than you will be able to delete the drive(if you have "manager" permissions)

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