I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet that tracks four types of events on a daily basis; we'll call them A, B, C, and D. More than one event can happen on a day; if this happens there are two (or more) rows with the same date, with the events on a given date on their own rows. For example:

Date       Event
----       -----
9/14        B
9/20        D
9/20        A
10/2        A
10/12       A
11/4        B
11/12       A

I have several months of data. I'd like to create a stacked bar chart in which each bar is a single month, with the count (per month) of each event making up the component "stacks" in each bar. E.g., in the above example, September would have three stacked components -- one each for B, D, and A -- October would consist entirely of A, and November would be split 50/50 with B and A.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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