I open Gmail, I see my emails labeled Category/Primary in my primary inbox, it's still loading, after few seconds it stops loading, and suddenly a new message is shown on top of the primary tab list of emails: A message labeled Category/Forum I check the labels on this message, it doesn't have Category/Primary label, it's not starred, I have disabled Include starred in Primary.

I refresh the page, same thing happens again: the message is not there while it's still loading (the spinner is spinning) and after a few seconds it's added to the top of list.

I even see a notification on my Android about this message, my Android only shows notifications for emails I get in my primary tab. When I open the Gmail application in my Android, this message is on top of my primary inbox, which means that the problem is not with my desktop browser or any extension installed on it, because same thing is happening on my Gmail Android app.

What's special about this message? If it's not labeled primary why is it in primary tab? If it's labeled primary why I don't see this label on it? Why it's not there in first render of the message list and it suddenly appears after few seconds? Why does it happen only for certain messages from Qt's Jira and kubernetes Github? I get lots of notifications from Github and Jira but messages only from some specific threads in them end up in my primary inbox.

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