I'm looking for a single arrayformula to convert a specified range, such as B2:D4, into a list of addresses (not values!) contained in that range, in this case B2,B3,B4,C2,C3,C4,D2,D3,D4.

Attempts so far

Google didn't come up with useful results.

I have tried to count through the array, and are able to extract two list of numbers corresponding to the row and column numbers, but have failed to come up with a combined formula.

Column calc:

      CELL("col", B2:D4)

Row calc:

      CELL("row", B2:D4)

Note on the above formulas, the ROWS()/COLUMNS() function is used to get the range size, and the CELL() is used to get the range start.


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This one is fairly strait forward, please see the code below:


You can change the last 4 to a 1 if you want absolute references.

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