It is just not doing anything at all. It was working perfectly but stopped a few weeks ago. I have around 8gb of free space spare, I can access the online client but if I put a new file in my supposedly synced mega folder then it just doesn't do anything at all.

Any ideas?

  • if you downvote please do say why – atreeon Jan 26 at 19:00

Ok, for some reason the blue check-mark next to the sync folder was deselected:

enter image description here

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    same happened to me and cannot understand how the check was disabled. Anyways thank you for the clue! – Camaleo Jul 19 at 7:06
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    it's nice to see that every now and then someone has found some use from me posting answers like this! Thanks for the thanks! – atreeon Jul 19 at 11:52
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    Wow, this is evil, a spontanously unchecked check-mark... I just noticed that MegaSync stopped synching my laptop about a month ago, eventhough it said "up to date", wasted an hour or so trying to figure out what went wrong, without success, I would never have noticed this unchecked mark if it was not for yr post. THANKS!!! – Gil Bor Sep 2 at 19:45

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