• My operating system language is English US.
  • My regional settings in operating system are English US
  • My browser settings are in English US. Three different browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox.
  • My Google account settings are set to language English US. All products.
  • My android phone has the language set to English US. All Google apps appear on English US.
  • I clear my browsers settings, cookies, cache, storage, session storage.
  • I try incognito, non-incognito window
  • I try to login with my Google account
  • I try not login without any account

Still, if I type maps.google.com, it appears in a language that is not English US. I can change the language of the UI to another language using the button in the left menu. When I finish using the page and reload it, it appears in a language that is not English US.

Anyone has a clue how can I change the language of Google maps to English?


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May be you are using an firewall or antivirus or (A virus in system) which using as a proxy to that region to spy on you.


Open google.com set it to english.


set your browser default language to english.

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