When I export a contact of Google Contacts in Google CSV format and import it again without changing the file, I get two exact the same contacts. Google can not find it in Duplicates:


Background: I have a website that creates that CSV also and after import it created many duplicates. I tried to solve it and found out that a simple export and import creates the same problem. Is it a bug in Google Contacts or can I do something to solve this problem?

This is the content of the CSV file:

Name,Given Name,Additional Name,Family Name,Yomi Name,Given Name Yomi,Additional Name Yomi,Family Name Yomi,Name Prefix,Name Suffix,Initials,Nickname,Short Name,Maiden Name,Birthday,Gender,Location,Billing Information,Directory Server,Mileage,Occupation,Hobby,Sensitivity,Priority,Subject,Notes,Language,Photo,Group Membership,Organization 1 - Type,Organization 1 - Name,Organization 1 - Yomi Name,Organization 1 - Title,Organization 1 - Department,Organization 1 - Symbol,Organization 1 - Location,Organization 1 - Job Description,Website 1 - Type,Website 1 - Value Jan Puin,Jan,Puin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Belgisch bedrijf die hier nog niets hebben. Stageloper.,,,,,Company.Be,,,,,,,LinkedIn,https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-rutte/


Follow my instruction carefully, you can get the duplicates and merge it successfully.

  1. After you import a new CSV file, Google automatically makes a different label for the imported contacts details.
  2. Delete the label (normally label is named as import and date) keeping all contacts.
  3. After deleting the label successfully , refresh the tab.
  4. Now click on duplicates , "hurrah" now you get the duplicates one.
  • I followed your steps carefully, but it still did not work. I added the content of the CSV file to the question,.Can you try to import it twice and find duplicates? Nov 21 '19 at 7:58
  • That's an unfortunate approach to have to take. I understand the complexity of this problem, as you could have two contacts with the same name (or other fields) so its safer to import as a separate contact and resolve later. However, the import logic should be intelligent enough to realize all fields are identical (via a checksum) and if there is an existing contact with an identical checksum, don't import. If any differences, then sure, import it and let the user merge duplicates if they're truly the same contact. I did "Report Feedback" via their Help UI so hopefully they fix it. Dec 5 '20 at 20:21

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