I have 4 separate column that represents in and out transactions.. Columns A, B, C, D a = transaction out (some dollar amount) b = account type (checking, savings, credit) c = transaction in (some dollar amount) d = account type (checking, savings, credit)

Columns A/B and C/D may have different amounts of transactions as there may be more transactions in or out at any given time.

I am trying to sum A/B transactions by group (checking, savings, credit) and sum C/D transactions by group (checking, savings, credit), and then consolidate those into their own new columns E & F.

In the end, columns E & F will represent the sum'd amounts for account type. e = totaled transactions f = account type

I am able to do this with just A/B to E/F through - =query(TransIn, "select col2,sum(Col1) group by Col2 label sum(Col1) 'Account Balances'")

And I thought I was headed down the right road with - =query({TransIn,TransOut}, "select col2,col4,sum(Col1),sum(Col3) group by Col2 label sum(Col1) 'Account Balances'")

However, I simply dont see how to combine the sums into one column and the account types into another, and then order by the new account column. Maybe wrapping a query in a query?

  • Welcome. There are some pretty clever users around (not me, I hasten to add), particular using query. But your question doesn't become meaningful until we can relate the formula to the data and see how it would be presented, so.... Would you please share a copy of your spreadsheet (excluding any private or confidential information), and include an example of a success outcome. – Tedinoz Dec 6 '19 at 12:08

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