I use this to get the contents of the last cell in a column: =INDEX(FILTER(C:C,NOT(ISBLANK(C:C))),ROWS(FILTER(C:C,NOT(ISBLANK(C:C)))))
But I want the address of that last cell. Does anyone know what I can use? Thanks.

  • you can try the function =ADDRESS(row,column,1) – pjmg Nov 23 '19 at 23:17




We know that the column is C, so the above formula concatenates C to the the row number of the last non-blank (non-empty) cell which is returned by MAX(IF(ISBLANK(C:C),,ROW(C:C)).


This might be the shortest way to accomplish it:


The irony of this solution is search returns everything but a blank when you ask it to find blank.


="C"&counta(C:C)+1 maybe? need to add more characters to be able so save the answer

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