I have an exchange mail account for work


and a private hotmail mail account


Both are microsoft accounts and both have calendars.

Since we are not allowed to have company mail accounts on our private phones i actually don't see any appointments on my private phone which is very annoying for planning private and business stuff efficiently.

The other way around, having private email accounts on working devices is no problem. Also just the calendar information on private device would be no problem. Only business email account on private devices is problematic.

My question: Is there a way to have the calendar only on my private phone without any email account?

The goal: Whenever i make an entry to my business calendar, i want to see it on my personal device (no matter if business calendar or private).

Whenever i make an entry to my personal calendar from my personal device, i want to have that also in my business calendar shown as "unavailable" for this time to other.

I thought about having my personal calendar set up on the business device and automatically synchronize between the business and private calendar. But i can't figure out how to do this.

I know, there is also a link to the ics in the microsoft config section to share the calendar but it seems that this is only for getting appointments ... no editing here possible

Does anybody has a solution?

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