Long story short: I'm looking for a specific video I THINK I retweeted some months ago. My feed is very long, and I can't find it.

I don't know the source of the video in the tweet, nor if the tweet was an original tweet. It could be a quote of another tweet, too.

I know I can use include:nativeretweets and include:retweets with from:mazunki1 to narrow it down to only my own retweets (I don't know the difference between these, but nativeretweets seems to only affect a selected few tweets). Does anyone know the difference?

Anyway, I know some keywords that could be used in the comments or caption(s), but I don't know how to search in related (comments, citations) tweets of a tweet. This is where I need help. I can't find any thorough documentation of the advanced search function. How do I search my feed for tweets including some relation to a video?

Furthermore, I believe the video was an extract from a YouTube video. I also remember some specific words from the video, but I don't know if there's currently any search engine that allows you to search for words in videos yet.

PS: The video was about a Spanish street QA interview, and the specific part I'm searching about is when the interviewer makes a VOX supporter realize she was wrong about her thoughts on public health.

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