I uploaded a video to YouTube that had the name of a TV show in its title. The video itself did not contain any issues.

The video was pulled for copyright infringement. Which is fair enough, I guess.

When I now view my YouTube account details I get the message:

Your account is not in good standing

This seems to have a side effect to not allowing me to upload unlisted videos anymore. They have to be public or private.

Is there any way I can recover the ability to upload unlisted videos?


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According to threads in the YouTube's help forums, the copyright strikes are permanent and are not removed without filing a counter-notification".

Excerpt from the page:

If you believe your content was misidentified as infringing, 
you may file a counter-notification. If you did not have all
of the rights to post the material at issue, you MUST NOT 
submit a counter-notification. 

Good luck!

  • The link is broken
    – Rubén
    Mar 27 at 14:03

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