I'd like to create a Google Analytics view that tracks only pages in a subdirectory of the property.

There is a similar question here, but none of the answers detail the steps to create a Segment for the subdirectory.

How do I create a Segment for the subdirectory for my custom View?

Help appreciated.


It's not a Segment I need, but a Filter for the new View.

Here’s how to set up a view filter for a subdirectory:

  1. Make sure you have admin/editing access to the Google Analytics account
  2. In the view column, create a new view for your subfolder
  3. Implement any existing filters that you want to apply to this view as well (e.g. filtering out IPs from your office)
  4. Choose a predefined filter
  5. Include only traffic to the subdirectories that begin with *
  6. Add your subdirectory as /subdirectory/
  7. Save
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