I'd like to highlight the max value in each column. Example :

   A    B    C
1  50   12   60%
2  20   84   50% 
3  38   20   15% 

Here A1, B2, C1 will be highlighted. So I know how to do that for 1 column. I create a custom formula :


So if I do that, only the A1 cell will be highlighted. So how can I do that for the other column at the same time without duplicate conditionnal formatting on each column ?

I noticed that the max() function not working on percentage, it doesn't highlight my cell, do you know why ?


Use conditional formatting with the following custom formula: =B2=MAX(B$2:B$4). Change the cell names to suit your use case. B2 indicates the first cell in the selection and B$2:B$4 is first column in this example.

enter image description here


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  • Perfect, thank you so much :) – John Nov 30 '19 at 15:52

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