I have hundreds of checkboxes in multiple sheets on a single Google Sheets project.

When a user clicks a checkbox, I want a script to activate.

In that script, I need to know what cell the checkbox that was clicked is in. Is there a way to do this without making a hundred different scripts for each checkbox and hard-coding the location of each of those cells?

For example if I clicked on this checkbox

enter image description here

I would want my script to know that it was activated from Sheet12:B2. If the specific sheet is not possible, then just the cell location (B2 in this case) is sufficient.

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Use on edit / on change triggers and the corresponding event object.


function onEdit(e){
  var a1Notation = e.range.getA1Notation();
  e.source.toast(a1Notation + ' was clicked');



  • Some of events may be "undocumented" and/or not available in certain cases (for example, the 'oldValue' isn't available in a copy/paste scenario). Logger.log(JSON.stringify(e)) is a handy way to see what event information is available. Chaining can get you a long way too, such as how @Rubén chained e.range to create var a1Notation = e.range.getA1Notation();.
    – Tedinoz
    Commented Dec 6, 2019 at 23:10

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