I have a category in MediaWiki for which one field is a date, and is formatted as such, so that it only accepts values in date format. However, some entries are not associated with a specific date, so I've left the date field blank for those.

I've written queries to return entries in the category with:

  • date field >= current date
  • date field < current date

I'm now trying to write a query to return the entries that do not have a date. Here's what I have so far, following the format of the previous two queries:

==Other funding opportunities (no specific deadline)==
[[Category:Funding opportunity]] [[Deadline::**????**]]
|?Target theme
|?Ticket size=Ticket size, USD mn
|?Eligibility details

The ???? is where I need to specify that I want to search for Funding opportunity entries that have a blank Deadline field, but I'm not sure how to do this. Anyone know what I need to specify to get this query working? I've tried plugging in null, blank, and "" but no luck so far.

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