Is there a way to stop youtube hiding the "read more" option? Youtube has kept this bug for a long time

for example clicking the notification bell, and there are two screens, one where it says "notifications" and one where a comment is clicked and it says "comments". And either of those screens can cut a comment (not showing the 'read more' option).

I see a comment cut by youtube

enter image description here

When clicking a comment sometimes other comments show as cut..

Here are two comments in a comment thread. Youtube cut both of them

enter image description here

and shows no 'read more' option.

If it's my own comment that gets cut, i can view it even though they hid the read more option, by clicking the 3 dots and 'edit'. But I can't do that for somebody elses.

Sometimes I can click a comment under the notification bell, or clicking the 'monthers/hours ago', under the notification bell 'comments' screen, and see a comment on the main screen.

But even on the main screen sometimes a comment can be cut, like here there's no "read more" shown here for the second comment.

enter image description here

And comments on the main page can sometimes have the 'read more' like here both do but this isn't always the case.

enter image description here

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