I have the following Gmail filter:

Matches: to:([email protected])
Do this: Skip Inbox, Mark as read, Apply label "[email protected]", Never mark it as important

The filter marks the messages as read, but it doesn't archive the emails. They remain in my inbox.

If I open the filter, it finds the emails in my inbox. If I check "Also apply the filter to matching conversations", the matching emails in my inbox are successfully archived. But future emails don't get archived. This is the issue - I don't want to manually apply the filter everyday.

A similar question is asked here. The answers are to go to Settings→Inbox→Filtered Mail and unchecking the option: "Override filters - Include important messages in the inbox that may have been filtered out."

I have already unchecked this option and the issue remains, so please don't suggest this solution.

Note - This filter is applied to emails that are received through Gmailify. Since the "Mark as read" portion of the filter works, I don't know if this is a relevant detail.

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Assuming the filter rules themselves are correct, on the next screen these options are critical, specifically:

Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

Never send it to Spam

Never mark it as important

Users may also be interested in the other two checked boxes:

enter image description here

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