We have G Suite (Gmail) email, and we have the same question every day. We thought about Automatic Replies to emails that came with certain words.

We are looking for an (even paid) service (which is not Outlook) that will check if an email (subject+body) contains certain words and will be auto replied with a specific email to those words.

For example: a mail having the words "world" and "cup", will be sent an auto reply email with "Welcome to the football team" in the subject. Or for example: If you send "Package" and "Delivered", the sender will receive a "Thank you" email.

I've checked Freshdesk and automate.io but they didn't really meet our expectations.

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Using a combination of Filters and Templates (they used to be called Canned responses) you can achieve what you asked for.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced
  2. Enable Templates
  3. Create a draft email to your liking leaving Recipients blank
  4. Go to the bottom of your newly created draft email and click on the kebab menu (3 little dots/More options)
  5. Select Templates > Save draft as template > Save as new template (done here)
  6. Now go back to Settings > Filters and blocked addresses
  7. Create a filter to your liking (first screen) and click on Continue
  8. Check the Send template: and choose your template
  9. Save
  10. Enjoy :)

Repeat the above steps (3 to 9) for as many templates as you like.

Note: The option Send template: will not appear until you enable Templates in step 2.

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