With reference to Office 365 OWA problem Run rules against messages in inbox in Outlook Web Access . Has anyone else experienced a problem where rules will run fine for internal emails (coming into a non-primary mailbox) but external emails (ie outside the company), don't work? Emails come into the inbox as normal but don't get moved into the appropriate folder.

It's very odd so would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if they found a solution.

  • @Serenesat, thanks for the edit (not used to being so impersonal on threads, upvotes don't describe one's personal appreciation!) Anyway, I digress! ... After a little more testing I've found that undeliverable message subjects show up as eg. 'undeliverable: Test email', but infact remain as 'Test email'. So does Outlook add the term 'undeliverable' after the rules step? I tested this with a rule where subject contained: 'undeliverable: Test email' or 'Test email'. When I removed the second term, the rule stopped working. Can anyone else verify this? – Rodp Dec 20 '19 at 12:26

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