I am interested in partially migrating emails from my personal google account to my new G Suite account. I want to migrate all emails containing a certain label and no others.
I know there is an option to exclude certain labels, but I couldn't find a way to exclude all but one. The labeled emails are also labeled with the "inbox" label.

Up until today our company used a server based mail client which I imported into my personal google client via POP3. I now want to migrate only these emails to our new G Suite account without all of my personal emails.
I have full super-admin access.


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You should connect these two accounts via IMAP.
You could use Thunderbird which is easy to manage.

You can find more details in this post.

Pro Tip:

As for future emails (which may still be coming to your personal email), just create a filter and have them forwarded to the new address. Using the same filter and a template (as describede in this answer) you can let the sender know of the new address.


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