I'm using Google Sheets to automate my flow of creating Quotations and Invoices for my clients.

What I am trying to achieve is:
I key in the values Name, Dimensions, Description, Amount, and Price of every item in the Entry sheet, then I use IMPORTRANGE to import the cells from the Entry sheet to my Quotation and Invoice sheets. Every item consumes three rows and three columns.

The Problem:
In my "Quotation and Invoice" sheets, I want the entries to be imported in between my "header" and "footer" paragraphs, which are just some cells with text in it. But the amount of items in the entry sheet is not constant, so sometimes when I import data, the imported range is too big and would overwrite the "footer paragraph" so GSheets will just refuse to import it.

What I'm asking:
Is it possible that IMPORTRANGE adds the rows and push the footer paragraph down instead of writing over it?

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It's not possible that IMPORTRANGE adds the rows and push the footer paragraph down, actually it's not possible either that IMPORTRANGE write over it, instead Google Sheets will show an error.

The typical solution is to do something that is commonly known as "mail merge". There are add-ons and script samples that show how to do this.

Another alternative is to make an array formula but that could be tricky and potentially hard to maintain.

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