How can I send only one Facebook post with some longer discussion below it (i.e. many comments - and of course, many of them not expanded) to someone, who is neither on Facebook, nor is willing to be there?

Disclaimer: Of course, I have got all rights to the information I want to share.


You can view a Facebook link in a browser without being logged in if it's set as "public." Facebook will ask for a log in, but it will still show the post and comments on a page by itself.

Look at the post you want them to see. At the very top is the name of the user/account that posted it. Directly under that is an indication of when it was posted ("4 hours," "December 22" etc) and next to it a little globe icon that shows it is public.

Right click on the posting time and select "Copy link address." You can then send that link to your friend.

  • Hello, very thank, but how to send so, that that friend see all the post in his/her notebook/email client without need to connect to the Internet? Or how can I save hat all post to my harddisk for later (when the original post may be suppressed/deleted etc).Thanks
    – Jii
    Jan 15 '20 at 17:29
  • There would not be a way to do that without internet access, since the comments will be changing as more people add comments. Jan 17 '20 at 21:57

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