I am making a 3d Print Log so I can keep track of my prints, their Material cost.

EDIT: Seems part of my post got deleted when I submitted. But your suggestion worked. Thanks so much!

 IF(B2:B="Red", (O1*D2:D)/1000, 
     IF(B2:B="Black", (O2*D2:D)/1000, 
        IF(B2:B="White", (O3*D2:D)/1000,
           IF(B2:B="Blue", (O4*D2:D)/1000,
              IF(B2:B="Yellow", (O5*D2:D)/1000,
                 IF(B2:B="Special", (O6*D2:D)/1000,
                    IF(B2:B="Mixed", (O7*D2:D)/1000,
                       IF(B2:B="Wood", (O8*D2:D)/1000,
                          IF(B2:B="Carbon", (O9*D2:D)/1000, 0
  • Welcome. Please share the formula you tried using ARRAYFORMULA. The one you posted is not the one. In any case most likely you have your formula placed in the wrong cell. Also try B2:B instead of B:B – marikamitsos Dec 28 '19 at 7:35

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